Where to get money urgently if you need a lot of money. Where to get a lot of money

The concepts of “urgent” and “a lot of money” should be defined more strictly. For someone, “urgently” can take days and even weeks, during which time to search where to “urgently” take money , you can even run across different banks.

But most people understand by “urgent” time, which is calculated by the maximum hours or tens of minutes, for which you do not even have time to remember and call all your acquaintances, in which you can borrow a considerable amount, the fastest way is a micro-loan online.

A lot of money is even more relative. For someone, “a lot” is as much as another waiter leaves at the restaurant. But still, getting an average Ukrainian inhabitant, for which urgently getting tens of thousands of hryvnias (well, for example, 50 thousand) is a really difficult task.

Where to get a lot of money , urgently? Options


So, you are a very ordinary Ukrainian inhabitant – a student, a worker, an employee, a pensioner – and you need to find, urgently, within a few hours, where to get the money urgently ? Let the same 50 thousand hryvnia. Let’s not delve into the question of “for what?” Situations can be very different, from saving health and life of loved ones, to realization suddenly there is a chance for successful purchase of something very important or valuable. Let’s focus on the problem itself and the options for solving it. The most common and affordable options for solving this whole life problem are usually:

  • borrow money from friends;
  • to take a loan at a pawnshop, to pledge valuable property;
  • take a big loan from the bank;
  • take a few small loans from specialized MFIs.

Well, based on the criteria of “urgency” and “a lot of money,” let’s evaluate these options.

Urgently take a lot of money from acquaintances or pawnshops


By the criterion of the urgency of borrowing money, individuals and pawnshops fully meet the most stringent requirements. Your friends can theoretically bring cash or drop the required amount on a bank card immediately after a tearful request for help on the phone. At the pawnshop (provided it is working time) they will cash out quickly enough or, alternatively, throw money into the card immediately after the expert evaluation of the pledged property. But when it comes to large sums of money, it becomes clear that both of these options are very bad for solving the problem.

yes, individuals, even good friends and acquaintances, when it comes to a significant amount of money, lend them very reluctantly, often refusing a request. At the pawnshop, however, only the most liquid property (on a fairly narrow list), whose real appraised value is much higher than the size of the loan, will be required to pledge. But as a rule, few of the average static inhabitants will find jewelry, technology and fur for such a large sum.

Large amount of credit and urgency in classic banks

Large amount of credit and urgency in classic banks

In classic banking institutions with the size of the loan amount, by contrast, problems usually do not arise. Network banks are happy to give private borrowers a lot of money because they are making money. But it should be understood that going to the bank for a large amount of credit money, you will have to forget about the urgency of their receipt.

It is still half-hearted when we have to wait for the working time to come and the bank branches open, to wait for the completion of a rather lengthy loan processing procedure by bank employees. The main thing is that a relatively large amount of credit in the bank will require a pledge of liquid movable or immovable property, such as a car, an apartment or a house. Naturally, to assess such property, you will need to work as a bank expert appraiser. But its arrival (call) takes time, sometimes not one day, which is almost in no way combined with the necessary parameter for urgency.

If you go the other way, and try to “accumulate” a large amount of money quickly, taking small consumer loans (without collateral) at several banks at the same time, then again, it will take a long time. In addition, the banks’ security services, which interact tightly with one another, react very aggressively to such attempts, resulting in a sharp increase in the likelihood of bank loan refusals.